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Manifold Data Mining Inc. is a leading micro-marketing data and analytic service provider. Using the most granular micro-marketing data and the most advanced analytical techniques we help our clients gain insights of their existing customers and find more high potential prospects.
We specialize in creating demographic, household spending, consumer purchasing behaviour databases and lifestyle clusters at the 6-digit postal code level for target marketing. We provide analytical services for transforming data into actionable business strategies. Read more ...

Gain Consumer Insight via BBM RTS: the largest syndicated consumer study by the Bureau of Broadcast and Measurement. Read more ...

Create demographic reports, perform trade area analysis, customer profiling and targeting online at www.SuperDemographics.com.

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Platinum Postal Code Suite
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Census 2011
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Lifestyle CanaCode™
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Customer Profiling
Predictive Modeling
Customer Segmentation
Trade Area Analysis
Ethnic Marketing
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Household Spending Patterns
Household Media Patterns
Household Shopping Patterns
BBM Return-To-Sample Survey
Household Financial Patterns
Household Automobile Patterns
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Case Study   ...
Ethnic Distribution: South Asian
Ethnic Distribution: Chinese
Case Study: Ethnicity
PC vs. DA: Household Density
Case Study: Household Income