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Household Shopping Patterns

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Household Shopping Patterns describe propensities of consumers' behaviours, e.g., purchase of big-ticket items: furniture, camera, car stereo and alarm systems, HDTV, home theater, hot tub/spa, home exercise equipment, boat, motor cycle, satellite dishes, gas barbeque, major appliances and so on.

The current recession is changing consumers' shopping habits and shifting their attitudes towards greater thrift and greater skepticism about brands. It is predicted that among the middle income consumers more households will be focused on saving, splashing out only occasionally on big-ticket items. Targeted marketing is crucial to reach the right prospects for big-ticket items. We analyzed the semi-annual Return-to-Sample Survey of Bureau of Broadcast and Measurement and identified patterns and key drivers among purchase behaviours about big-ticket items. Combining the long term predictors like income and education, household size, culture, life stage and lifestyle with consumers' shopping attitudes and geographic data, we derived propensity scores of purchasing big-ticket items for each and every 6-digit postal code in Canada. With this data you can identify potentials neighbourhood by neighbourhood for over 36 big-ticket products ranging from baby furniture to water cooler. For example, the map illustrates propensity of purchasing HDTV in Toronto's neighbourhoods.

Purchasing HDTV in Toronto


Household Shopping Patterns database is available for all residential 6-digit postal codes and can be customized for all geographies and by category, e.g., shopping habits at grocery, pharmacy, department, clothing, furniture, book, electronic, pet, shoe, toy , ... stores, dinning at restaurants, purchase and retail spending, as well as attitudes and usage of flyers and coupons. The data is based on current year BBM RTS Survey.

Key Attributes  
Records 775,776
Variables 690
Currency 2013
Geography Six-digit postal code
Updates Annually
Coverage National


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